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40 Effortlessly Stress-Free DIY Hairstyles for Glamorous Short Hair

40 Effortlessly Stress-Free DIY Hairstyles for Glamorous Short Hair

For several years now, I’ve been growing out my hair. It’s gotten pretty long, and I love styling it. I especially love braids like these, and quick hairstyles like the ones posted here.

But sometimes I miss the days when I had short hair. Short hair is so light, and you can feel the breeze against your scalp and your neck, and you just have this wonderful carefree feeling; there is nothing else like it.

But back when I used to have short hair, I didn’t have a clue what to do with it. Mostly I just left it alone every day. So that got to be pretty boring after a while, which is exactly why I eventually ended up growing it out.

I’m thinking about cutting it again though. Why? Because I found these awesome videos!

In these videos, you learn 10 different hairstyles for short hair. All of them are fast and easy to do and don’t require any fancy hair products or skills. The end result of each is absolutely gorgeous! These look like they would all work great for pretty much any hair type too.

So I am totally going to go through with it now and schedule that haircut! I can’t wait to try these; it’ll be hard to decide which to do first. I’m definitely going to look up more over the coming weeks too; if I find anything cool, I’ll be sure to share it with you! Tutorials by Milabu and Fabulous Hannah.