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17 Plastic Wrap Tricks That Will Change Your Life


Did you know a few scraps of plastic can save you money on bananas? If that seems a paltry concern, there are many other hacks that will save you money on everything from detailed manicures to that silk shirt youre packing for your flight to the Bahamas. Maybe the trip is really to somewhere more mundane and the shirt is cotton, but the hack remains the same. Plastic wrap can keep your jewelry organized in that suitcase, too.

There are 17 such hacks and tricks compiled by Donella Crigger of One Crazy House at the link below. If you are especially lazy, or are leaving teenage boys home alone for a week, you can even try pre-wrapping dishes in plastic wrap before eating so that they dont have to be washed! To see all 17 hacks, click the link below.