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10 Laughing Animals that Will Leave You in Stitches

OK, youre right; not all of the animals below are actually laughing, but they sure do look like theyre having a good time!

laughing chimps

The chimpanzee on the left is testing out new material for his comedic stand-up routine.

laughing elephant

This elephant is physically unable to contain his joy and excitement.

laughing cheetah

This chortling cheetah is reminiscing on an exceptionally hilarious memory involving a wildebeest and a guineafowl.

laughing otter

Someone call the vet! This otter is suffering from a serious giggling fit.

laughing zebra

This zebras hobbies include chuckling, guffawing and cracking up.

laughing squirrel

This squirrel is tittering about that mustard stain on the front of your shirt.

laughing elephant seal

This elephant seal just looked at himself in the mirror.

laughing cat
This cackling cat is actually laughing at his own joke.happy to see me
This dog just cant.
laughing seal
This seal is literally rolling on the floor laughing.Source: