Thanks to the GooToob, people no longer have to buy over-priced, travel-sized versions of their toiletries. The GooToob is a refillable container that can be used to hold your toiletries without any worry and makes filling them up as easy and simple without any mess. Prices vary between $18 and $26, depending on the sized of a three-pack of tubes.
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9. Train Reaction

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Carrying around multiple bags can be a great hassle when you are walking across an airport or even to the cab. The Train Reaction is a simple device which allows you to link your bags together and lets you have one free hand to use your phone or anything else. The simple device costs only $15.
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10. Eagle Creeks Cable TSA Lock

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Having a lock on you luggage gives you a great piece of mind while travelling. The TSA Cable Lock by Eagle Creek is a device that baggage screeners can open but other cant. The lock also has two ways to lock it via a key and a combination lock. Next time you need a lock this is a must have. Each lock costs $13.50.
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